Wolverine West Fireworks

After two years of searching for a suitable site to locate storage magazines in western Washington State, Wolverine West Fireworks was formed in 1999 with the owners of Wolverine Fireworks Display, Inc. of Michigan. Add to this another three years of federal review which ended up in Washington, DC to earn the necessary permits and licensure to be operational as a display fireworks company in September of 2001.

We mention our rocky start to give you a perspective of our perseverance and the willingness to follow through with what we started. You could say we have plenty of blood-sweat-and-tears invested in our company.

Many of our display customers greatly appreciate this type of attitude because we offer them options. Rather than just taking the easy approach or saying no we cannot do something, we really strive to offer alternatives to difficult problems when shooting a fireworks display.

Safety and strict adherence to federal and state standards are paramount in our business. As we always say, we would not ask someone to do something we would not do ourselves.

Whether you wish to receive a proposal for a fireworks display or puchase consumer fireworks, we would ask you to consider contacting us to discuss your options.

Western WA Sales please contact Aaron Webb 360.790.3409
Eastern WA Sales please contact Jeff Story 509.415.0139
For Admin please contact Rod Hash 206.459.0917

Active members in the following industry organizations:
APA - American Pyrotechnic Association
NFA - National Fireworks Association