Wolverine West Fireworks

Wolverine West Fireworks specializes in two distinct areas of pyrotechnics;

1) Professional Displays

Within professional displays there are the large scale 4th of July type displays on land or water that you are familiar with, but we also shoot many displays for local community & sporting events throughout the year. Typically these non-4th of July displays are located in city or sporting arenas where space is limited and therefore the pyrotechnic products used are different. Do not be fooled into thinking that bigger is always better when it comes to pyro. Often time’s pyrotechnics is a matter of perspective. The diameter of the fireworks dictates the distance of setbacks to the nearest spectators. Hence, to shoot a 10” diameter display shell we have to be 700’ to 1,000’ to the nearest spectators. This style of display is perfect when you are trying to entertain large groups of people who are scattered out over long distances. However, we have many pyrotechnic devices that can be safely fired from 125’ to 175’ from spectators when a more intimate setting is desired or a small launch site is all we have to shoot from. We design these types of displays as a “Front”. That is we electrically fire the devices five across simultaneously, spaced 25’ to 40’ apart to create a “Wall” effect. We use the analogy of the IMAX Theater effect when shooting this style of display. Believe us, when people are closer to the effects and the width of the “Wall” effect is wide, spectators tend to roll back on their heels! When shooting this style of display we take extra precautions by placing barricading between where the fireworks are being launched and the spectators in the event the fireworks do not launch horizontally as they were designed.

2) Consumer Fireworks

Because we shoot many displays where space is limited, we use a lot of the smaller pyrotechnic devices, including consumer fireworks. When we began shooting these types of venues the types of items we needed did not exist and those items that where available required us to tear the devices a part so we could use that portion of the device we could safely shoot within smaller setbacks. So beginning in 2005 we began developing our own line of consumer grade fireworks that provided the effects we could use in our displays and coined the phrase “Made FOR Pyros… BY Pyros!!".

Wolverine West Fireworks typically stocks pyrotechnic devices ranging in size from 10 inch in diameter to ½ inch in diameter. We offer a plethora of effects and colors in a variety of sizes that can be used to custom tailor a fireworks display based on your budget and the amount of space you have to launch the fireworks. Whether it‘s pyrotechnics to punctuate an event, i.e. score a run or kick a goal or a 5 minute to 25 minute nonstop action packed fireworks display choreographed to music and fired with timecode..

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.